The recent adoption of the lease system by Nigerians indicates a positive spark to leasing companies highlighting prospect as the industry encounters growth from 189,881,130 billion naira in 2006 to about 1.26 trillion naira in 2016 in terms of volume.

Isaac Agenyi, General Manager, Enterprise Asset Leasing Limited stated that, with the rate of awareness and the high cost of asset acquisition, Enterprise Asset Leasing is predicting a 30% growth rate in Nigeria by 2020. In the past, businesses traditionally spoke to the local Bank Manager and arranged for a business loan to purchase equipment. Restricted lending and restrictive lending practices in Banks have made leasing the financing method preferred by all types of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) these days.

Purchasing assets for your business can be expensive. But if your business is to grow and succeed, such purchases are a necessity.

Whether it’s purchasing new vehicle, trucks, new plant, office equipment, computers or even furniture, purchasing equipment for a business can have a major impact on cash-flow or credit lines.

Leasing rather than outright purchase of equipment for your business offers many advantages. Leasing is a flexible, cost effective method of financing business equipment with the obvious advantage that the assets capital value is not required up front.

If you have found that you require assets for your business but your bank simply will not lend you the money you need, then asset leasing could solve your problem.

Through leasing, you could get that new business asset and reserve your capital. Leasing allows you to conserve capital and pay for assets over time out of income with fixed monthly / quarterly / annual payments.

Asset leasing is used by a wide range of businesses, from sole traders to large PLCs.

Among the benefits of asset leasing are:

  • Working capital is not tied up in depreciating assets
  • Cash and credit lines are reserved for other uses
  • VAT on the cost of the equipment is not paid up front
  • Payments are fixed which means you can budget effectively
  • We can match your repayments to the life of the asset, thereby easing cash-flow
  • The cost of acquiring the asset can be spread to coincide with the timing of sales generated by your business
  • Lease costs are an allowable expense against Corporation Tax

As a world class organization, Enterprise Asset Leasing adopts only international best practices in its business operations. It has a robust yet efficient Risk Management and Internal Control system in place to ensure that all transactions are scrutinized and that all regulatory requirements are met before execution.

Their services include Lease Financing, Personal Loans, Treasury Services, Business Loans, Financial Advisory and Fleet Management.

NOSAK GROUP – pioneering survival strategies for businesses in a recession through Learning and Development


The current economic variables playing out within the Nigerian business hemisphere have forced organisations to transition in order to survive and still maintain a portion of the market share. This has equally given rise to innovations as regards strategies for survival, which will hopefully mitigate against a future reoccurrence.

The Head Training – Nosak Group; Mrs Igie Odozi stated that this reality not only impacts businesses directly in terms of market share but affects to a larger extend the owners and drivers of the business. The major stakeholders in this endeavour are the owners and the employees. In situations such as the one business owners and organisations have found themselves in this country, the organisations will have to grapple with issues of shrinkage of the market, downsizing, cost savings/reduction in order to remain afloat while employees on their part are up and doing in seeking for greener pastures in other organisations to mitigate the risk of job losses. This to a large extent accounts for the current high level of employee turnover in organisations.

For organisations willing and seeking to remain afloat while running profitably, the key is to imbibe a culture of learning.  Training programmes for human capital development are now channelled towards ensuring the effectiveness of employee contributions to the success of the business. Consequently, smart organisations now adopt more effective solutions in workforce engagement through the retention of their critical talents. This is only achievable by continuous investment in learning and development. Learning and development continues to be a practice that requires a substantial chunk of investment and organizations that fail to adjust their learning management practices and solutions will struggle endlessly with declining organizational growth or productivity.

Nosak Group as a world class company, an innovative cum leading brand in industries is an advocate of this smart solution of investing heavily in continuous learning and development of its workforce using the best of technology and content. A recent study revealed that leading companies like Nosak Gorup are taking it further by leveraging on social learning activities; mobile learning solutions etc thereby consistently increasing the budget size for learning and development. This has equally given rise to a paradigm shift whereby there is a transition from the traditional context of strictly controlling approach of the workforce to the innovative approach of engaging and seeing the workforce as partners in the business.

The traditional methods of learning are also being abandoned in favour of more effective learning solutions based on cutting edge technology, which engages talent and improves performance.

In the present scheme of things, our approach at Nosak Group to organizational development are:

a).     Prioritizing the Individual employee.

b).     Development and Re-training key talent as a strategic business       priority leading to business growth.

c).     Strengthening partnership between the Group and our workforce. This makes us not to be overly “controlling” but one that views her employees as collaborators for success.

It is in line with this paradigm shift by the management of Nosak Group that a World class, fully equipped Training School was commissioned on March 15, 2017 to serve not only the needs of the Group but other organisations willing to key into this initiative. At the flag off of this laudable initiative; Group Chief Operating Officer – Thomas Oloriegbe appreciated the management team for the giant step taken to properly equip the training school with the latest technology offerings. This is geared towards impacting knowledge and empowering the work force in their respective disciplines.

VACANCY: Mechanical Fitter/Technician

JOB TITLE: Mechanical Fitter/Technician

Code: MF-2016


The Fitter/Technician is responsible for all duties associated with the post including fitting and plant operation duties at Nosak Farm Produce Limited.


  • Maintenance and repair of mobile & fixed plant and equipment as requested by Line Manager.
  • Follow instructions as directed by the Line Manager
  • Assist with the safe operation of the work site


  • Maintenance and fitting duties on a wide range of Plant items as  associated with the normal day to day works carried out by Nosak Farm Produce Limited
  • Cutting and welding as requested by  Line Manager
  • Keeping accurate records e.g. maintain log book, record of works carried out, record sheets.
  • Liaising and working with outside contract fitting staff and electrical/mechanical contractors employed Nosak Farm Produce LTD
  • Complying with delegated responsibilities in the areas of Safety, Health and Welfare and have a proactive approach towards the reduction/elimination of accidents and dangerous occurrences in the workplace
  • Working with procurement to procure mechanical parts, supplies and services from a wide range of suppliers to ensure minimum downtime and maximum availability and reliability of plant, equipment and fixed plant systems.
  • Procurement of mechanical parts in accordance with Nosak Farm Produce procurement policy as well as Line Manager’s approval
  • Carrying out any mechanical repairs and maintenance duties assigned or requested by  Line Manager
  • Responsible for maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair of all mechanical and hydraulic- and diesel-powered equipment


  • OND in Mechanical Engineering
  • A minimum of 2-3 years working experience in a manufacturing company.
  • The job holder must be a quick learner, have a strong sense of ownership, display a high level of customer-focused orientation, and be able to take responsibility for actions taken.
  • Troubleshooting skills
  • Team Player
  • High level of integrity
  • Adaptability
  • General Tool Usage
  • Following safety instructions


All suitable and interested candidates should forward their resumes to careers@nosakgroup.com using the vacancy code as the email subject. Application closes by Monday 12th December, 2016.


VACANCY: Commercial Data Analyst

We are a reputable, world class, dynamic, creative and result oriented organization, with group of companies located in the major city of the country.

Due to expansion in operation for better value and effectiveness, there is a job opening in one of our subsidiaries for intelligent, proactive and self motivating individuals.


Commercial Data Analyst                                                     Code: CDA-11/16


The Commercial Data Analyst will:

  • Manages the generation of periodic sales reports (daily, weekly, monthly et al) as may be required by line manager.
  • Generates trend analysis, customer trading statements issuance as per required frequency
  • Processes and handles all trade customer and sales team related claims to ensure turnaround times agreed are duly met
  • Collation of all sales data from sales team for report to management and other advised end users
  • Handles customer sales order management and account reconciliation issues where required
  • Handles adhoc reporting duties as may be communicated from time to time by line manager
  • Tracks and reports the commercial function KPIs and incentives
  • Any other duty as may be communicated by line manager/supervisor or head of sales from time to time.

Qualification, Skills & Experience

  • BSc or HND in Mathematical related course
  • Computing Skills (specifically use of Microsoft office suite specifically MS Excel)
  • Time conscious
  • Analytically sound and has a knack for numbers
  • Experience with Sage, Dynamics or SAP
  • Excellent Communication skills
  • A minimum of 2-3 years work experience in a similar role
  • Cognate experience in a Vegetable Oil Producing Organization will be an added advantage

All suitable and interested candidates should forward their resumes to careers@nosakgroup.com the code as the subject of mail.

Application closes by the close of business on Friday 11th November, 2016.


We are a reputable, world class, dynamic, creative and result oriented organization, with group of companies located in the major city of the country. Due to expansion in operation for better value and effectiveness, there is a job opening in one of our subsidiaries for intelligent, proactive and self motivating individuals.

AREA SALES EXECUTIVE                            Code: ASE-10/16


The Area Sales Executive will be expected to

  • To drive and achieve Sales Volume and Value budget for assigned territory.
  • To manage existing customer base for zero attrition rate (100% customer retention), drive sales orders and payments and also initiate new lead relationships.
  • Ensure all customer records are duly updated as is the policy of the company.
  • Monitor and report all competitive activities within assigned geography.
  • Ensure availability,  visibility and price adherence of our products within assigned area
  • Track and monitor all distributor investment to ensure leakages are avoided.
  • Responsible for handling the service of all sub dealers (distributor’s customers) to avoid service and supply gaps.
  • Report market trends and suggest areas of advantage for competitive edge
  • Any other duty as may be communicated by line manager/supervisor or head of sales from time to time.

Qualification, Skills & Experience

  • HND Holder or B.sc in relevant field
  • A team Player, self driven
  • Computing Skills (Proficiency in Microsoft offices)
  • Can drive/operate vehicles with a valid driver’s license
  • Excellent Communication skills
  • A minimum of 2-3 years work experience in a similar role
  • Cognate experience in a Vegetable Oil Producing Organization will be an added advantage

All suitable and interested candidates should forward their resumes to careers@nosakgroup.com the code as the subject of mail.

Application closes by the close of business on Friday 21st October, 2016.



Mr. Thomas Oloriegbe, was on Monday, 10th October 2016, appointed as the Chief Operating Officer of Nosak Group.

Mr. Thomas Oloriegbe, a graduate of Accounting, has a Postgraduate Diploma in Management and a Master in Business Administration from University of Calabar. He is a Fellow of the Certified Institute of Cost management of Nigeria and also an Alumnus of Lagos Business School.

He has over 20 years work experience in Business Consulting, Mortgage Banking and Real Estate Management. He joined Grand Villas Limited in 2008 a subsidiary of Nosak Group as the General Manager and was later promoted to the Chief Operating Officer Grand Villas Limited.

He is married with children.

Congratulations on your new appointment.


Dr. Toni Ogunbor, the Chairman of Nosak Group, a mentor and an exceptional leader with notable and infectious managerial and leadership qualities, has recently been awarded a Fellow of the Nigerian Institute of Management (FNIM).

Sir, we, the Nosak family, say congratulations on this big achievement. This is another success, which clearly speaks of your hard work, talent, and selfless service to society.

You simply deserve this mainly because you never give up.
The news of your winning the award did not come as a surprise to us. Having known the amount of hard work you put in everything you do, this award is a recognition of your Managerial talent.
We would like you to know that you are such a good example because you have shown us that being diligent and passionate to work is very important in achieving dreams.
Congratulations once more on this new milestone.


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The job search is no easy undertaking. Each step of the process gets harder, requires more work and is more stressful. It’s difficult to sell yourself to strangers and anticipate what they want to hear. What qualities would make you more desirable for a position?

Obviously, there are various potential answers to that question, but it’s not as big a mystery as you might think. Desired skills and experience vary for job to job, but there are universal qualities every employer looks for in an employee. We’ve outlined some of those key qualities and why they are so important to employers. Have a look and see if you can improve those qualities in yourself and learn to sell them more effectively to employers.

Communication skills

Earlier this week, we featured an article looking at the essential skills of all great leaders. In that piece we explained how communication skills are one of the most important and overlooked qualities in a workplace. But it’s generally not overlooked by employers. They want to hire someone who can professionally and effectively communicate their message or their work to co-workers, management and clients. Demonstrating that ability shows the value you can bring to any position.


Micro-managing is often looked at as a problem of the employer, but any employer hates having to monitor an employee who doesn’t have faith in their own work. A candidate can demonstrate the necessary skills and experience on paper, but they can fail to deliver in the actually position if they aren’t confident in their work. Self-confidence allows an employee to be innovative, take the initiative as well as the occasional risks. An employee with self-confidence inspires confidence in the employer.


Workplace relationships are extremely important for any position and at any level. Smart organizations thrive to have solid cooperation among all workers, so they tend to look for team players. Those who can share and collaborate with other often better their work and the work of their colleagues. Show employers you have a willingness to collaborate and they’ll want you on their team.

Tech savviness

Technology is becoming more and more significant for so many industries. The ways in which business is done is faster and easier thanks to the newest innovations. Boomers are often unfairly signalled out as a demographic who is behind in their tech savviness. To be fair, most boomers didn’t have access to a computer until their adult years, but that’s not to say they are lacking in the abilities more than anyone else. Each year there are new programs and software that employers need to become familiar with in order to stay current. Make sure you stay current. Stay up to date on your industry’s most significant tech, learn it and add it to the resume.


When you’re looking for a job, you can be forgiven for having only short-term goals in mind. Hopefully you’re in a position where you’re able to search for the right job, but for some, they need the ‘right now’ job. While that’s fair enough, you need to understand that employers want someone who’s looking for more than a paycheck. They don’t want someone who is looking to wind down the clock until retirement. They want someone who is not finished climbing the ladder, someone who wants to learn and try new things and someone is passionate. Let them know you see a future with their organization and make it easier for them to picture you as a part of the team for a long time.