On October  1st  and 3rd,  2016, the CCD Superstores Health Fair kicked off at our branches Ogudu and Ogba respectively, with a meeting with the MD, Pastor Mrs. Risi Ogunbor and the various partners.

While appreciating all partners in attendance, she gave a history of the humble beginnings of CCD Superstores and stressed that good health was one of the driving factors that contributed to the establishment of CCD Superstores.

Free health screenings were conducted ranging from blood pressure, body mass index (BMI), blood sugar level, liver, eyes and many more. Thereafter, appropriate treatment was prescribed by participating Medical Doctors and Pharmacists. The MD noted that the Health Fair was a means of thanking all loyal CCD Superstores customers for their patronage. She further stated that, “CCD Superstores has been in business to cater to the needs of the community right from inception as a road side grocery store. So we see this as a way of adding even more value to our community”.

Currently, CCD superstores has opened a branch at Ogba which also participated in the health, and CCD is working towards opening new stores which will further establish CCD Superstores as an indigenous success story. She concluded by encouraging Nigerians to take their health serious as “it is their window to life”.

CCD Superstores would to thank our esteem customers, staff and our partners; Siden Eye Clinic, Virtual Human Health (Cellular/Whole body Screening), De-Favour Dental Clinic, Haven Pharmacy, Wellness Center and Nosak Healthcare.

For information on CCD Superstores, visit


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