good employer

You know that the type of company you work for can affect your overall job satisfaction. Even if you actually enjoy what you do, your employer can negatively impact the amount of excitement you feel on Sunday night when you’ll have to go back to work the next day.

If you want to be happy and fulfilled at work, then your employer should have the following traits. If they don’t, you might want to start your job search for an employer who does.

1. Communicative

Whether you work for a large or a small company, your employer should always keep you in the loop in terms of company performance and goals. Being left in the dark about how well the business is doing can be discouraging.

2. Flexible

An employer’s ability to be flexible doesn’t mean just understanding when an employee calls in sick at the last minute or has to leave early to pick up a child from school. Today, as a result of technology, it also means providing the option of working from home when necessary.

3. Dedicated

If your employer isn’t invested in the company’s success, why should you be?

4. Views Employees as Partners

It might sound like a cliché, but having an employer who views the company as one team working together towards a common goal is worth noting. You want to know that you’re not perceived as just another cog in a wheel. So if you ever find yourself looking for another job, notice how your potential employer describes the office dynamic and how you might fit in.

5. Understands the Importance of Work-Life Balance

As committed as you, your co-workers and your employer should be to the company, it doesn’t mean you should be expected to spend every waking moment of the day working. Yes, there may be times when you have to sacrifice a Saturday to finish your to-do list or work late, but a good employer recognizes that overworking employees will lead to stress and frustration, and poor productivity.

6. Looks Ahead

Employers should not only be in tune with how the business is currently performing, but they should also be mapping out a well-organized and achievable plan for the future.

7. Open to New Ideas and Feedback

It’s no secret that employees want to be heard. Your opinion should matter. Having an employer who encourages you to share your feedback, rather than being dismissive, is a crucial characteristic. If your employer isn’t open to new ideas, the company’s ability to remain competitive and reach its full potential could be at risk.

8. Recognize Employee Accomplishments

If you’re never recognized for your accomplishments, or advised on how to improve upon your shortcomings, your incentive to work hard will falter. Be sure to look for an employer who will review your work, offer you feedback, and acknowledge your hard work in worthwhile way.

9. Promotes Positive Work Environment

The atmosphere where you work can either make you want to quit or get your friends hired. Remember, you spend more time with the people at your job than with anyone else, so a negative or hostile work environment will make you feel anxious and alienated. Who needs that?


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