Mr. Simeon Ani, one of the longest serving staff of the Nosak Group retired on Friday, 29 April 2016.

Mr. Simeon Ani served as the personal driver to the Group Chairman Dr. Toni Ogunbor for 22 years, he shared his experience on how he started and what he learnt while working as the personal driver to the Chairman.

During the event, Dr. Toni Ogunbor described Mr. Simeon Ani as a man with exceptional qualities in terms of duties delegated to him. He also pointed out that during his 22 years of employment; he never damaged any of company vehicle in his care. The Chairman, ended by encouraging other staff to emulate and seek council from the stream of Mr. Simeon Ani’s wisdom and diligence so as to achieve effective job dissemination.

As a means of appreciation, the Group Executive Director, Corporate Services, Osagie Ogunbor, who also recalled his pleasant experience with Mr. Simeon Ani, thanked Mr. Simeon Ani on behalf of the Management and the entire staff of the Nosak Group for his immerse contribution towards the progress of the Group.




  1. Congratulations Mr Ani for your service to the entire group of Nosak and the Ogunbor family both far and near, expecially from me and my children Mrs Aroko I can not imagine me coming to Nigeria and not having Mr Ani waiting to pick me up from the airport “you will surely be miss” I which you and your family good luck in where ever you go or do 👏🏿
    Faith Aroko

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