As the world celebrates international Women’s Day, Nosak Group, a
diversified business group together with its staff pledged to take action as
champions of gender parity.

A brief presentation was handled by the Group Secretary and Legal Adviser,
Mrs. Gloritta Okougha.

Mrs. Gloritta Okougha during her presentation pointed out that the world has
much to celebrate today, but progress towards gender parity has slowed in
many places.

She also noted that everyone (men and women), can pledge to take a concrete
step to help achieve gender parity more quickly – whether to help women and
girls achieve their ambitions, call for gender-balanced leadership, respect
and value difference, develop more inclusive and flexible cultures or root
out workplace bias. Each of us can be a leader within our own spheres of
influence and commit to take pragmatic action to accelerate gender parity.

She ended up by stating that the aim of this year’s International Women’s Day is
not to draw a world debate about who deserves a better opportunity but to
promote the essence of existence and a better world where equality thrives.

To round up the session, the Group Head, Human Resources, Mr. Efe Lawson also gave an inspiring message to all women while shedding light on the drive by Nosak Group to continually encourage women to stand up for their rights.. Several videos were also played to further emphasize the importance of gender parity in our society and work place.


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